What do I need to pack for a tour/safari to Uganda?

The Ultimate Travel Packing List/Travel Essentials

Well, what to include in your travel bag ultimately depends on the duration and nature of your trip/safari that you are planning to have. These range from toiletries, clothings and more as listed below;

  1. Passport
  2. Vaccination card. In this time where covid19 spread all over the globe, one is safer when vaccinated. We please advise you to carry your vaccination card with you.
  3. Covid19 test results. Negative covid19 test results will be asked for at the airport. This should be taken a few hours before your travel time.
  4. Cash. Please don’t forget to carry yourself some cash that is enough to sustain throughout your trip/safari
  5. ATM card. This will help you a lot when you go out of cash.
  6. Insurance card should also be included on your packing list.
  7. Face mask to keep you safe from the deadly Corona virus
  8. Disinfecting wipes
  9. Hand sanitizers
  10. Empty water bottle
  11. Walking comfortable shoes
  12. Sleeping bag especially for those that love spending nights in the camp tents. Those coming for mountain hiking activity, a sleeping bag is a must pack.
  13. Sun glasses to help protect your eyes from direct sun rays.
  14. Dressing outfits. This may include casual shirts, dresses, pants, jeans, under shirts etc. The quantity and quality of these will depend on the period of time that your safari will take and the nature of the activities you are coming for.
  15. Toiletry bag. This may include toothbrushes, toothpaste, tooth floss, deodorants, shampoo, hair brush, facial cleansers, shaving tools, make up, sanitary towels or ladies, bath lotions, Vaseline and more depending on your wish.
  16. Micro fiber towel. These are provided for in your accommodations but you can still include one in your travel bag.
  17. Sleeping wears
  18. Casual shoes
  19. Slippers. These are provided in some accommodations like the mid-range, Luxury and in some budget accommodations. However carrying yourself a pair is not a bad idea.
  20. Travel laundry kit. This is very vital for those that can manage to do laundry on their own.
  21. Travel blanket. Pack up a potable travel blanket which you will wrap over yourself when coldness bumps in.
  22. Sweater/jacket. Beat up the early morning and evening coldness with a sweater or a warm jacket. Packing a rain jacket is not a bad idea too.
  23. Gloves. For those coming for forest tourism activities, gloves are very crucial. They will protect your hands from the forest coldness and scratches.
  24. Umbrella. Uganda’s weather is very favorable but still you can come along with a small foldable umbrella to help you in the hot afternoons.
  25. Scarves. Wearing a scarf will help to keep you warm more so in the cold early mornings and evening. So please don’t forget to carry one with you.
  26. Hat. This will help you especially in the hot seasons by protecting your face from direct sunburns.
  27. Swimming suit. Those wishing to spice up their safari, a swimming attire is a must pack. Honeymoon safaris, here you go.
  28. Headlamps. These are very important especially for those coming for mountain hiking whereby at some point, it will be done at night especially as you approach the higher altitudes to the summit [margarita].
  29. Hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are a must have for those planning to do mountain hiking
  30. Sunscreen creams
  31. Lip balm. You will need to apply this on your lips to prevent them from dryness especially in the dry season.
  32. valuables
  33. Insect repellants. This will keep you away from the insect bites especially for those going for forest activities like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking or even mountain hiking that will require you to go through thick forests.
  34. Cellphone. Please don’t forget to carry your phone with you. This will help you connect with your family back home. Carrying emergency contacts will be very vital.
  35. Electronic charger. Carry one to keep your battery active.
  36. Laptop.
  37. Plug adaptor
  38. Binoculars. Tourism activities like mountain hiking, gorilla/chimpanzee trekking, boat cruses will require you to have binoculars or clear views.
  39. Camera. This will help you capture every moment of your adventure and keep for future memories.
  40. Medication. This may include pain killers or any other medicines under the prescription of your doctor. However, tour guides at different tourism destinations have always got first aid kits for our clients. But we still advise you to first visit your doctor before your travel date.

For further inquiries about what to pack for your safari or booking a trip with us, please feel free to contact Sokwe Adventure Safaris anytime

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